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What Tutoring 4 Less is all about

Tutoring 4 Less provides customized high quality tutoring services for students in Elementary, Junior High and High School. The specialized programs at Tutoring 4 Less are tailored to suit each student’s specific needs in an individual or group setting, at a fraction of the cost of national tutoring centers.

Tutoring 4 Less students, on average, increase an entire  grade level because of our customized curriculum, rigorous academic goals, and highly qualified tutors.

How Tutoring 4 Less works

At Tutoring 4 Less we focus on addressing academic need one student at a time. The first step in this process is to assess a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

Once this is completed, and their individual learning style is determined, a customized learning plan and curriculum is created to suit each student’s specific academic needs. With an academic road map in hand, our tutors are able to effectively assist each student in achieving academic success!

Summer Tutoring Program

Children who are starting elementary for the first time have the biggest adjustment, with schools now providing children with academic requirements prior to entering kindergarten. Read more...

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1 on 1 Tutoring!

Tutoring 4 Less specializes in One on One Tutoring. Read more...

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Tutoring 4 Less provides tutoring in a variety of subjects:

Reading Tutoring

Students enrolled in the Tutoring 4 Less Reading Program develop the reading readiness skills needed to become independent and fluent readers.

Writing Tutoring

The Tutoring 4 Less Writing Program teaches students when and where to use appropriate forms of writing techniques and how to effectively present their thoughts in writing.

Math Tutoring

The Tutoring 4 Less Math Program enhances a students understanding of math concepts and applications at any level.

Science Tutoring

The K-12 Science Program at Tutoring 4 Less ensures that all students are able to investigate using scientific methods in order to acquire a conceptual understanding of the world around them.

Pre-K Prep

The Tutoring 4 Less Pre-K Prep Program nurtures a child’s desire to learn and instills a sense of competency and confidence as a learner.

Homework Help

Our tutors combine personalized instruction with independent learning to ensure that your student understands their homework and completes it correctly, and on time!


Tutoring 4 Less has been providing tutoring services with overwhelmingly positive results to students from Pre-K to 12 grade for over a decade. Our mission is to provide a highly effective tutoring program for students at an affordable price.

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