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Pre-Calculus Math

The Tutoring 4 Less Approach to Pre-Calculus

The Tutoring 4 Less Pre-Calculus program prepares students for Calculus and all other high-level mathematics by reinforcing their algebraic and problem solving skills. Students are re-exposed to the algebraic material they learned previously, in a rigorous manner, which is done with the intention to reteach important algebra concepts that are crucial when learning calculus.

Specifically, our course reintroduces students to functions, sequencing and series, counting principles, the binomial theorem, probability, data modeling and problem approaching techniques.

Tutoring 4 Less also reinforces some of the most important topics of high school trigonometry including, but not limited to; graphing, curves, the polar coordinate system, complex numbers, solving problems using the Law of Sines and Cosines, vectors, conics, and Trigonometric Identities.

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Pre-Calculus Overview

Pre-Calculus or Math Analysis is the course in high school that builds on learned content from previous mathematical courses, specifically, Algebra and Trigonometry.  Theses math subjects helps students set a strong foundation for Calculus and all other college-level math courses.

Students are exposed to a number of real-world applications and are expected to master the applications and techniques for solving these multi-step problems. Graphs, diagrams, and different illustrations are used throughout this course to help students visualize some of the harder concepts that they are expected to master. A graphing utility is also introduced to help students solve the problems.

By the end of our program, students will master the algebraic techniques needed in Calculus and know all of the mathematical terminology needed in order to be successful in Calculus.  Some of the key terms students in our program will learn and understand are are:

• Asymptote: A line or curve that approaches a given curve.
• Complex Number: A number consisting of a real part and an imaginary part. A complex number is an element of the complex plane.
• Complex Plane: The set of all complex numbers. Just as all real numbers can be imagined as sitting on a line, all complex numbers can be thought of as points in a plane.
• Curve: A continuous map from a one-dimensional space to an n-dimensional space. Loosely speaking, the word “curve” is often used to mean the function graph of a two- or three-dimensional curve.
• Domain:The set of values for which a function is defined.
• Ellipse: A conic section with eccentricity less than one. It resembles a squashed circle.
• Function: A relation that uniquely associates members of one set with members of another set. The term “function” is sometimes implicitly understood to mean continuous function, linear function, or function into the complex numbers.
• Hyperbola: A conic section with eccentricity greater than one. A hyperbola consists of two separate branches.

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