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Triangles and how to make sense of them

Trigonometry Math

The Tutoring 4 Less Approach to Trigonometry

Solving triangles is one of the many aspects of trigonometry that students study in high school. Tutoring 4 Less helps your student to develop the methods needed to solve triangles using trigonometric functions and identities. The study of the properties of these functions and related applications form the subject of trigonometry.

Trigonometry has applications in navigation, surveying, construction, and many other branches of science, including mathematics and physics. We assist our students in realizing the practical applications of trigonometry, and other branches of mathematics, so that they can understand the importance of these subjects in everyday life.

Trigonometry Overview

Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between lengths and angles of triangles. Historically, trigonometry was developed to help find the measurements in triangles as an aid in navigating and surveying of land.

Today, it is used to define the relations between the known or unknown elements of a triangle or other geometric shapes. In a triangle, there are six basic elements; 3 sides and 3 angles. This branch of mathematics is mostly associated with planar right-angle triangles, which are mostly two-dimensional triangles with one angle measurement equal to 90 degrees.

Topics that our trigonometry program cover are:

1. Review of Algebra and Geometry
2. Rectangular coordinates and their application to graph and circles.
3. Functions
4. Trigonometric Functions & the Unit Circle
5. Angles and Their Measures
6. Properties of the Trigonometric Functions
7. Right Angle Trigonometry
8. Graphing the 3 Trigonometric Functions and their Inverses
9. Trigonometric Identities
10. Applications of the Trigonometric Identities and Functions.

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