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Getting your student to understand math concepts and applications

Summer Math Program

The Math Program at Tutoring 4 Less

Math tutoring can provide a variety of benefits to your student regardless of where they are in their education process. Because math can be more difficult for some students to understand, the Tutors at Tutoring 4 Less make sure to help students learn and analyze concepts taught at school in a way that they can easily understand.

Our tutors begin by laying down the foundations of math concepts and strengthening the student’s basic computational skills to allow them to successfully transition between courses.

Math Program

How the Tutoring 4 Less Math Program Works!

To determine if a student has a basic understanding of math, an assessment is administered to understand a student’s current math grade level. Once a students assessment results are analyzed our team of Certified Tutors will create a math program that is tailored to suit a student’s academic need and learning style.

The tutors at Tutoring 4 Less help each student master the necessary skills through daily homework help, hands-on group activities, and extra support with our customized curriculum. Our tutors help your child advance academically by allowing them to learn at their own pace and providing them with individualized strategies that are not available in today’s overcrowded classrooms.

Why Tutoring 4 Less is the right choice for your student

Our experienced math tutors will work with each student in a one on one or small group setting to ensure success in the specific area of need. Because we understand that every student learns differently, we reinforce each students inherent reasoning skills to help them transition between the math courses.

We understand that because of the Common Core standards more and more students are struggling to understand the new learning styles and concepts. We work closely with teachers, parents, and the students themselves to develop the best learning plan to meet each students needs and ensure success and growth in mathematics.

Here at Tutoring 4 Less, we understand the importance of mathematics for ensuring success in school. Our entire staff is passionate and dedicated to your students education. We’ll work hard to keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the tutoring sessions to promote confidence that goes beyond the classroom.

Tutoring 4 Less provides tutoring in the following math subjects:

Elementary Math

Middle School Math



Algebra II


Math Analysis (Pre-Calculus)

Calculus I

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