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Making equations and formulas                      understandable and interesting.


The Tutoring 4 Less Approach to Algebra

Tutoring 4 Less teaches students specialized techniques for solving algebraic equations and expressing formulas in ways that are much easier to learn than the traditional methods.  By using our customized curriculum that is tailored to suit each student’s needs, we are able to assist student’s achieve their academic goals.

Tutoring 4 Less teaches students the necessary components of Algebra: the rules of operations, relations, functions and their concepts, working with polynomials, solving equations, and algebraic expressions. We also teach students to graph both planar and one-dimensional graphs, determine patterns, and construct tables and matrices of numbers.

Upon completion of our Algebra tutoring program students will be able to demonstrate a higher level of thought processing when approaching problems, and effectively communicate those thoughts using the newly acquired mathematical language.

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Algebra Overview

Algebra is the study of symbols (usually represented by letters) and the rules and operations to manipulate these symbols. Algebra helps students predict possible outcomes for specific scenarios and helps them determine the relationships between the things we do and how specific actions and changes can alter them.

Algebra is a powerful branch of mathematics that is useful in everyday life, especially in the worlds of business, engineering, architecture, arts, science, and medicine.

Algebra is used in correlation with number theory, geometry, and word analysis to unify all levels and aspects of mathematics. Upper division Algebra differs from basic arithmetic in that it uses abstract symbols, such as letters, which are used to represent unknown or specific values in algebraic expressions. In the famous energy equation, E = mc2, “E” (energy) and “m” (mass) are the varying values, and “c” which represents the speed of light in a vacuum is a constant value at 3 x 108 m/s. By the end of the Tutoring 4 Less Algebra program your student will know how to calculate the speed of light!

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