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Tutoring 4 Less makes reading easy, enjoyable, and fun!

Summer Reading 2015

The Reading Enhancement Program at Tutoring 4 Less

Our program uses customized curriculum books, classroom activities and a variety of manipulatives to assist your student in developing the reading skills necessary to excel in school and life. Each student will have an individualized program that is tailored to their specific learning style and academic need based on a comprehensive assessment. All our programs are led by a certified Tutoring 4 Less tutor.

Students enrolled in the Tutoring 4 Less Reading Program will develop the skills that are necessary to become an independent and fluent reader. Our program will motivate students to read using the various tools and strategies that have proven to be successful throughout our 11+ years of experience. Every student that has enrolled in our program has learned to love reading.


The steps to successful reading at Tutoring 4 Less

Beginning Readers

The beginners program at Tutoring 4 Less will lay the foundation for a strong understanding in reading. This foundation is important for school success and a lifelong enjoyment of reading.

Students will first be assessed for basic phonics and comprehension skills. From there a customized program will be created to suit a student’s reading and comprehension needs. Our beginner students will learn:

•Beginning phonemic awareness

• Reading readiness skills

•Phonemic awareness

•Oral comprehension tools

•Develop an interest in books and reading

Intermediate Readers

Our Intermediate Program will provide students with the essential tools needed to become confident and fluent independent readers.

Students will first be assessed for level of comprehension and fluency. A customized program will then be created to suit your student’s comprehension and academic needs. Students enrolled in our Intermediate Program will learn:

• Phonics

• Sight words

• Independent Reading Skills

  • Fluency

• Long word decoding skills

• Improved comprehension

Advanced Readers

In the Advanced Program at Tutoring 4 Less students become stronger and more enthusiastic readers.

Students will first be assessed for speed and level of reading fluency. A customized program will then be created to suit a student’s comprehension and academic needs.

Upon completion of the Advanced Reading Program students will be able to read twice as fast as they did before starting, and make substantial gains in comprehension. Students will also develop effective study skills. Students in the Advanced Program will learn:

  • Increased speed
  • Increased Comprehension
  • Effective study skills
  • Increased reading skills
  • A deeper interest in reading

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